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Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

Your website is the first impression that you make on your customers. It more than just a random placement of colors, text, and other design elements on a page. Keywits assists you with Complete Web Development Solutions. We make certain that your website sets your brand apart from the others and performs exactly the way you want it to.

Our initial process includes determining the functionality you need for your new website and evaluating the pre-existing website for your brand.

Our alluring and user-friendly designs make sure to give your customers a good experience when they visit your website.

Coding websites from scratch or using other CMS Tools like WordPress, etc, we provide you with both the options. We think ahead of time so that making changes in the future is not a tedious task for you.

We make sure all the above is accomplished without digging a hole in your pockets.

Ready to build your brand? Our team of experts is waiting for you!

What is Web Development & Design?

Both Web Design and Web Development are closely related terms and are crucial to building a successful and attractive website for your brand. Although both services sound the same, their functionality differs on larger grounds. A Web Designer creates all-important graphics and designs the layouts for your website. He decides where things go, what color works, which font goes on the webpage, text to image ratio, etc making sure your website looks inviting. On the other hand, a Web Developer breathes life into all these designs. He is the one to make everything works the way it is supposed to by hard coding features to the site. Let’s take a simple example to create a CTA (Call to Action) button on the Contact Us page of your website. How the button looks, where to place it on the web page, etc is the responsibility of a Web Designer whereas it is the Web Developer’s responsibility to make sure the button works. A Web Designer uses software like Illustrator, Photoshop, etc to create your Website Design and a Web Developer uses a CMSs (Content Management Systems) like WordPress to make your website work or they can also build your website from scratch using coding languages like JAVAscript, CSS, PHP, etc. If you are unable to decide which of the two your website needs here’s what can help you. Sit down and decide on a few points like if you need a new website or update the existing one, you want to make your website more attractive or increase its functionality, etc. Once you do that then either higher professionals to do it for you or simply get good web development and design agency like Keywits to do it for you.

CMS – WordPress

WordPress is amongst the most popular Content Management Systems (CMSs) worldwide, that provides you with an open source platform to get your website up and running. It allows you to design and manage your website with the help of several plugins and themes without the hassle of knowing any programming language.

E-Commerce CMS

E-Commerce CMS is a modern-day requirement to build and manage your E-Commerce website. WooCommerce and Shopify are amongst the popular E-Com CMSs that makes it easy for you to integrate and refresh the content on your website regularly. Ease of use helps to minimize your reliance on web developers.

Customized Web Development

Customized Web Development is used to create websites from scratch using programming languages like PHP, CSS, JAVAscript, HTML, etc. Proper knowledge of coding, it allows you to stand out from the regular templates of websites and allows major-minor changes at the snap of your fingers in no time.

Ready to build your brand? Our team of experts is waiting for you!