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Renew Your Old Content For New Engagements!

Renew Your Old Content For New Engagements!

Not every content that you write gives you great results. Some of your content must have bought genuine traffic to your site, the quality of the audience too would have been great. And then there is some content that has not done that well. However, people are nowadays trying out a hot technique to get maximum traffic possible while using all their content, be it old or new, good or bad! So, here we are to tell you everything about how to Renew Your Old Content for New Engagements!

Both these categories make up your site and help you in giving the ultimate results that you want. Now the question is, can your old content help you Now? The content that has been written and published on your site a long time ago, can it boost your performance now? Well, Yes it can! You just need to analyze it first. 

Now that we are talking about renewing our old content with the aim of re-publishing it, we need to learn the process. You cannot just select any random old content from your warehouse and renew it. Firstly, You need to ask yourself – “Why are you renewing your old content?” Well, renewing your old content will boost your reach and traffic.

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Google ignores the content that has been posted a long time ago. It focuses on fresh content, the one that has been recently published. So basically, the older the date of your content, the more ignorance you will get from Google. Also when you keep posting new content, your old content goes down and down in the Search Engine Result Page. So once you revive your old content, it is necessary to update your publishing date or else all your hard work will be of no use. 

Although, selection of good content is necessary to get optimum results. Here are some tips for you on how to renew your old content for new engagements.


  1. Select the best possible post 

The first and the most crucial step in the process of reviving the old content is to select suitable content. Go through your old content, you will find some content that had high conversation rates in the past, Select that good content. You are probably wondering why we selected a content that has already performed well in the past. The answer is in your question itself! The content that gave you high engagement in the past still has the power to give you high engagement rates. You just need to do some editings in your old articles to make it fresh. Edit your content according to today’s era. Use your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills. Stuff in some strong keywords that can help your article in popping up at the top of search results. This will strengthen your old content more than before, ultimately helping in bringing your site more traffic. 

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When you use the good old content for renewal, you know that it will definitely bring your site with better engagement. But what about the old content that did not work well then? Maybe the reason behind its underperformance was the lack of connectivity with the audience. It may be possible that you find old content that did not feel relatable to your audience then but may feel relatable now. The topic of your old content can be used now if it feels relatable to you. Edit that content by putting in some strong keywords relevant to that topic. You can also change the title into something attractive and eye-catching. 

  1. Do not Change Your URL

When you decide to renovate your old content, there are two options to present it again to your audience. You either make a whole new page for the renewed content and erase the history of the old content. Or you can also update the existing URL of your old content. 

Creating a whole new page will definitely add more value to your index, but it will also urge you to start from the bottom, that is you will not have your old rankings that came to your old content. Moreover, a new page will also put you in the stress of getting all new rankings and views. So updating your existing URL is a much better option to prefer. 

When you update your existing URL, it will provide you with a lot of pre-earned profit. You will be in a lot of relief. Your rankings of the old content will go nowhere & new rankings will be added to your old ones. 

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  1. Upgrade Your CTA 

Since you have revived your old content, anybody who searches for something similar would have your renewed content popped up on his screen. The viewer may go to your page and even read your content, but if he does not get the idea of what to do next, then what’s the point of putting so much effort?

Since you are doing all this to get optimum results, updating your existing URL is not sufficient. You also need to add a better and improved CTA to your post. A reader should get a concluding message or a Call-To-Action (CTA) after reading your content. So, always add a strong CTA at the end of your content. If the CTA is old, try to improvise it according to the present time. Frame your Call-To-Action on the basis of the question- “What you want your reader to do after reading your content?”. 

It can be something about your new product or service that would be relevant to your content. It can also be an offer or discount that your brand or business is providing. Moreover, your CTA can be in any form. That is, Images or visuals can also be used with text or independent of the text, in the form of CTA. 

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  1. Brand New Keywords 

Keywords can strongly affect your position in the SERP or the Search Engine Ranking Page. Also, people keep searching for information with new keywords, and hence they easily get added to the list. Be it any topic, its keywords should be frequently revised and updated. 

So, it is crucial for you to revise your keywords at least every 6 months to get the best results. Try to find out strong and latest keywords relevant to your content and use them accordingly. Refreshing your keywords is a great way to do better SEO. It will make Google recognize your post more easily. 

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  1. Infographics for Conclusion 

At the end of your written content, when the viewer will see an infographic that concludes your content, it will be easy for the viewer to sink in your given message into their minds. 

When your written content is complex or presents data or statistics, it’s easier for your viewer to understand it through some visuals. They can also make your articles interesting to read. There are many apps that can help you in making your own infographics. However, for the sake of professionalism, you can contact some great agencies who provide Digital Solutions, or who assist in Digital Marketing. 

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  1. Use Guest Blogs on Your Site 

We have often heard that Guest Blogging is a great way to boost Off-page SEO. However, it may provide you with a lot of benefits if posted on your own website. 

For those of you who don’t know what guest blogging is, let us tell you. It is basically writing for other company’s websites, generally to attract the audience back to your own website. Now, if you have done this kind of writing, then you can fulfil your ultimate motive with that piece of writing.

You can ask about reposting content on your own site to the owner of the other site. Most of the time, owners do not have any problem. When you post a guest blog on your own site, you can also share the link of the site where it was originally posted. It will result in a win-win situation for you. A Bit of editing and reposting that content would boost traffic on your site to a considerable extent. 

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  1. The Part-2 Blogs! 

Many times, some of your old blogs may feel too evergreen to get a revamp done. They must have gotten a great response in the past and even today they might have the ability to bring additional audience. In these circumstances, the best way to get benefited from such evergreen content is to post their ” Part II” blog. Part II blogs usually attract the old audience easily while targeting the new audience. 

This is a great way to publish fresh content while taking the benefit of the old content. You can write the blog making it relevant to the present era of Covid-19 or social distancing. You can also write in the context of the future. 

These simple tricks will definitely revamp your old content and help you bring something fresh to your audience. This will ultimately help you in expanding your reach. 

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What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is how any search engines like Google finds your website and ranks it in the search results. The higher you rank in the search results, the easier it gets for people to find you. Although, you will need a good knowledge of various methods of SEO in order to get a good ranking.

Why do I need SEO services for my website?

SEO is a way for search engines to find your website. Without SEO a business website is of no use as people wont be able to access it. Thus, it is equally necessary for your brand to have a website with complete SEO to mark it’s online presence

How do I search for trending keywords?

There are various free and paid tools available online which can help you search for keywords and their competition.

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