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Pro Tips to Enhance Your OOH Advertising Campaign!

Pro Tips to Enhance Your OOH Advertising Campaign!

Tips To Enhance Your OOH Advertising

For any brand to grow in this competitive world, Advertising has become a strong and necessary weapon. Many brands and businesses compete to win the same public, but the public has to choose only one. Have you ever thought about how your public will choose you over the other? Well, here are all the ‘Tips to Enhance your OOH Advertising Campaign!’ 

A number of factors play a crucial role in attracting the desired audience, but the most important among them is Advertising. 

If the advertising of your brand or business is not strong enough, then there is probably nothing you can do to attract your audience. The ways and means of advertising have changed a lot in the last few years. Today, we are surrounded by advertisements almost everywhere and every time. In the form of prints and banners, in radio and television, in our mobiles and laptops and even in our outdoors, advertisements can be found everywhere. One of the most common means of advertising is OOH, that is, Out Of Home Advertising. 

OOH Advertising may seem traditional and not of much use, but if correctly done, it can boost your business. Firstly, what is OOH advertising? Well, as the name says, it’s the advertising you see when you are out of your home. Billboards, public furniture like a park bench, buses, trains, local streets, etc are used in this advertising. Also, place-based ads like the visual graphics that you see in a stadium or a theatre, also come under this category of advertising. OOH Advertising helps in communicating your word to the largest audience possible, as most of the people spend their day almost out of their homes. Your target audience will always come across your ad when they get out of their homes. 

OOH Advertisement

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The steps included in OOH advertising are simple- Writing content, designing and you are done, you can now send it to get presented in the outdoors. But these steps can be done right if some small things are kept in mind. So, here we have got you some really easy and interesting tips to follow if you wish to aim at doing OOH advertising. 

  1. Who are You?

No matter which advertising you do, it is always necessary to give out the right message to your audience. For communicating the right message, you need to know who you exactly are? With ‘who’, we are here referring to your business. This question of ‘Who You Are’ helps a lot when you are planning for Corporate Branding. When you advertise, you should aim at telling the audience about what your business serves. Always aim at telling your audience about your strengths. Think about your uniqueness, what makes your customers choose you over the other businesses?

Who Are You ?

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When we ourselves see advertisements, we always remember something from their ad which attracted us to see their ad. Similarly, when you make an ad for your business, always think about that one thing that has to be stuck in the mind of the viewer. Whether you choose to present your ad in the form of a graphic video on a billboard, or as a poster, or in a newspaper, there should always be something that the viewer does not forget after reading or seeing your advertisement. Always aim at mentioning that One Thing in your ads. Moreover, aim to give a common message to your audience. 

Bill Boarding Advertising

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  1. Where do you want to get featured? 

There are a lot of places where your ads can be featured when we talk about OOH advertising. From bus stops to railway stations to public buildings, you can present your ad anywhere, literally anywhere! So, the first thing to do is to decide where your advertisement would go and in which form will it go. This decision will help you in designing your advertisement accordingly. 

When a person sees an OOH ad, he probably searches about the business or brand online, to check the authenticity of the ad. People usually take online action after watching or seeing an Out of home Advertisement. So it is really important to know where your advertisement will go. As the location will decide the kind of audience who will see it and finally the audience who will try to get in touch with you. 

If you wish to present your brand or business in the printed form, then you can go for posters or banners. There are a lot of places where your posters or banners can go, depending on the type of audience you are making these advertisements for. However, it is recommended to visit the place once before you finalise it. When you visit the place, you will realise which audience will be able to see your ad, this will help you in designing your ad in such a way that it connects with that particular audience. The framing of your advertisement should be such that it engages your targeted audience in one go. 

Moreover, the same principles as mentioned above would be applied, if you wish to advertise your brand or business using a video or a motion graphic. Visit the location, observe the audience that will see your ad and design your ad accordingly.

When a person sees an OOH ad, he probably searches about the business or brand online, to check the authenticity of the ad. People usually take online action after watching or seeing an Out of home Advertisement.

Outdoor Banner Campaign

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  1. One Message to All

When you plan on doing Out Of Home Advertising, you do not do it at one place. You will obviously target several locations where your message can be communicated to your desired audience. It is possible that the same person views your advertisement in two different places. The person may see your brand’s poster at one place and a video graphic at the other. If the message from both these advertisements does not feel the same to him, he would get confused and eventually forget about your advertisement. It is possible that he may even ignore your advertisement the next time he comes across of any of it. 

So, when you advertise in several places, your final message has to be the same everywhere, irrespective of the way you communicate it. So basically, you need to focus on that one main message that you are making all these advertisements for. There are obviously many more businesses in the market that offer similar services to your business. What you need to think is about That One Point that differs you from them. It can be your rates that are lower than the other brands, or the wide range of services that you provide under one roof. The message can also be something that encourages your audience towards the “call-of-action”. Your strengths, achievements, or your goals, the message can be anything. It should just be something that proves to be beneficial for you.

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Simple and clean advertisement

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  1. Make Simplicity Your Partner 

Your advertisement, when displayed at public places, sure should be attractive enough to catch people’s attention. However, it also should not look too messy. Your messages should be short, simple and sweet. Too much of Photo Editing or Video Editing may work in the opposite direction for your business. Avoid sarcasm and humour, your message should be understood by the viewer at once. If it takes a long time to understand what your ad is trying to communicate, you may irritate your audience. So, keep your message direct yet appealing. 

When you make video graphics or motion graphics, try to communicate your message the most through visuals. There is a reason why they say that images speak a thousand words. Remember that Videos are meant to be watched and not read. You can use words, but fewer words should be used in a video. It should be easy for a viewer to get your message directly, without investing much intelligence. Also, your videos need to show family-friendly content, content that every generation is comfortable with. 

Social Media Marketing By Keywits

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These simple tricks and tips are definitely something that will work if applied correctly. Out Of Home Advertising is something that is considered a traditional method of advertising. People even think of this method as scrap and are losing interest in this form of advertising. They are getting more influenced towards the modern forms of advertising such as social media marketing. The modern forms of advertising are definitely playing a crucial role in the development of businesses and brands. But this does not mean that OOH advertising is no more helpful. OOH Advertising needs to be done in union with modern advertising methods, not against them. 

Following these tricks, while working on your campaign of OOH advertising, can boost the reach of a business or brand in the local community. 


Brands Doing Amazing Marketing

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Now that you have all the ‘Tips to Enhance Your OOH Advertising Campaign’, you are probably thinking to start working on them. By the way, are you wondering about how to create such Video Graphics, Posters and Banners that can work best in OOH Advertising? You can relax now! Because here we are, with the best services that you need. From the production of videos to Video Editing to Product Photography, we have expertise in all of it. May it be the need for assistance in your Corporate Branding campaign, or designing and editing issues, we have got you covered for everything! Book us to get everything done with professionalism in the best rates! 


Can I get assistance from Keywits in my brand’s advertising campaign? 

Yes! Here, at Keywits, they offer complete assistance in advertising. From creating your name on the social media sites to Email marketing of your business, they have expertise in all of the advertising techniques. They also offer professional OOH advertising techniques with the best rates possible. 

Does Keywits offer visuals for Out-of-home advertising? 

From attractive banners and posters to great display ads, Keywits has a team of professionals for designing and producing all kinds of visuals. They offer great content, designing and visuals with the ability to attract potential customers. You can contact them through their website and get the best of visuals done for your OOH advertising campaign. 

Can I start my OOH advertising campaign with the assistance of Keywits? 

It is ok even if you have not started your OOH advertising. Here, at Keywits, they specialise in everything that your business needs, to start an OOH advertising. From learning about your business personally to set the goals of advertising, to creating engaging content to attract an audience, Keywits specialises in all of it. 

What more does Keywits offer along with professional advertising campaigns?

Keywits specialises in everything that your business needs in today’s era of digitization. They have a team of experts in digital marketing, social media marketing, corporate branding and advertising for businesses. They also offer to create and design great content of all types. May it be local or global, Keywits has expertise in providing e-commerce solutions to all kinds of businesses!  

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