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Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses In 2021

Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses In 2021


Are you a small or local business wanting to grow online, but do not know how to? Well, we have got a whole guide for you on digital marketing strategies for small businesses! 

We all know how tremendously the internet helps us in almost everything today. Our lives are almost impossible without social media. From booking a ride to ordering food and everything in between, there is literally nothing that the internet fails to serve us with. 

If you are a business owner, then you must know how important it has become to adopt digital marketing today. Especially when you are a local or small business, your digital presence plays a crucial role in helping you survive in this competitive market.

Although, the real problem is how should you, as a local business, strategize your marketing online? Well, do not worry! You are about to learn some very interesting and simple tricks to enhance your business growth both locally as well as globally.

Digital marketing for small business in 2021

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When we talk about digital marketing, there are many tactics that can be used to get an audience from around the world. But before targeting the world, we need to establish a solid presence in the local market. When you are a small business, it is important that people in your neighbourhood or city know you. 

So, the first thing that you need to do is establish yourself in your local market. Your local business marketing strategies should first aim at local and then later global. And the best way to do it is through local marketing! For those of you who do not know what it is, here we go! 

What is Local Marketing?

When your marketing strategies target the audience from a location such as your neighbourhood or your city, it is called local marketing. This kind of marketing is done through both physical and online methods. So, even your digital marketing strategies can be and should be a part of your local marketing plan. 

Local marketing is a great way to grow your business because when your locality knows you, only then will the global audience trust you. Now the question is how do you attract your local audience? There are two ways that you can choose, online and offline. Keep reading and you will know everything about both the ways! 

Marketing Strategy for small business in India

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Local Area Marketing With Digital Marketing

When you are thinking of doing local marketing online, you obviously need digital marketing in that case. The physical local marketing strategies undoubtedly work great to attract a local audience. Although, digital marketing helps attract local as well as a global audience. 

When it comes to digital marketing, you will come across the paid as well as the unpaid methods. It is obvious that the paid methods have more chances of bringing you audience. Although the unpaid techniques can also majorly help you in bringing the audience to your business, you just need to do it the right way. Here are some easy tips on online local marketing that would cost you no money. 

  1. Be Active On Social Media

People today use social media platforms to a great extent. Most of their day is spent scrolling on their Instagram and Facebook feeds. So if you have yet not made your page on online platforms, then go for it now. 

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are the most used platforms today, so it is advisable to start with these platforms first. After making pages, it is also necessary to be active on those pages. Remember that these platforms can help your business grow only when you actively take part in them and being active will cost you only some time and internet. 

Social Media marketing For Small Business

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  1. Engage With The Local Audience and Influencers

Being active on social media does not mean only posting regular content. Try engaging with your local audience and customers via these platforms.

  • Ask your audience to give you feedback.
  • Collaborate with your locality’s influencers on Instagram and Facebook. You can ask them to post a picture with your product or post content telling people about your services. 
  • Post easy to understand and relatable content. People ignore the content that feels hard to get to them.
Influencers Marketing For Small business

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Use these tips for effective engagement with your audience.  

  1. Strengthen Your SEO

As a business which is trying to establish a solid online presence, you must be having your own website already and if you have a website, then you know what is SEO! 

Search Engine Optimization is highly used by every website on the internet and that is why it should also be used by you. It is really necessary to track your website’s SEO situation. SEO just means to optimize your content so that search engines show it at the most top possible. 

When your SEO is good, your rankings on the search results page will be good, and ultimately your website traffic will increase which will lead to potential customers. 

Also, it is known that most people google search before visiting a store, so if you have a good ranking people will have easy access to your store address as well, which will in return, increase walk-in population in your store.

  • Firstly, use as many strong keywords as possible. Although don’t just stuff your whole content with them. Keywords will help you come up when a person searches a relatable keyword.
  • Write content that improves your ranking and also is easy to understand and is relatable for your audience.
  • Include elements in your site that can easily be loaded in any device. Most people use mobile phones and if your site takes too long to load, people will not wait. that means, reduce the size of your website graphics and visual. Keep your site minimal yet attractive.

Use these tips to strengthen your SEO performance and ultimately get more website and in-store traffic. 

SEO For Small business

Source: Unsplash

  1. Localise Your SEO, Social Media And Advertising

To get local traffic, you need to localise the methods in your local business marketing strategies. 

  • Use local SEO strategies. Local SEO means to optimize your website content a way that it ranks high in relevant keywords and terms that are used locally i.e in your colony, your locality, or your city. You just need to identify which terms are popular in your locality and for which industry. There are many tools that can be used for this purpose.
  • Make localised content for your social media and website. That means to use terms that indicate your belonging to a community or neighbourhood, like your city’s name or your area’s name in your content. Keep this localised language consistent on all your platforms.
  • Social media gives you many options to show your locality. From locating your physical address to mentioning the location of the picture or content that you’re posting, social media offers many options. Use these options so that local people come to know about you. 
  • Moreover, use local hashtags on social media to increase your local reach. Use hashtags that are common in your locality like your city or area name.
  • Localise your paid advertising (if you are doing any). Incorporate your location in your listings. This will increase your reach majorly in the local areas and lead to more foot traffic. 

Include these tips and tricks in your local or regional marketing strategies to get the best results, that too for free.

Also, now that you know about online strategies, it’s time to know about some ideas that can work under for your physical store. 

Local Marketing Ideas For Your Store

If you really want the attention of your local audience, you need some interesting local marketing ideas in your local marketing plan. Well, read through and learn about these super interesting tricks that can increase your business foot traffic instantly. 

  1. Get Involved In Your Community 

When you engage, involve and support your community, it becomes more likely of your community to support you. Getting involved in the activities of your local community can majorly spread local awareness about your business. Go to the events or occasions that happen in your locality. Take part and get involved in the events that are organized in your industry. 

Local Marketing Ideas For Your Store

Source: Unsplash

  1. Take Local Sponsorships 

Taking sponsorships in the locality brings your business’ name in front of new people and increases your brand’s awareness. 

Sponsor small school events or a local sports team in your city or community. You can also sponsor small non-profit fundraisers. Sponsoring in these small things will allow you to showcase your brand in front of people on posters or uniforms or marketing materials that will be used in the events. 

Not only will this strategy help you in showcasing your brand to new people but will also help you create your goodwill in the market. 

  1. Buy Booths At The Local Events

Locals fairs and events keep getting organized in the local areas where different local brands sell their products. You can do that too. 

The amount of investment in a booth depends on the type of event but it is never a bad investment. You can sell your brand’s local merchandises and connect more with the local people. 

buy Booths For Local Events

Source: Unsplash

  1. Organize Small Contests For Your Locality

Small contests and competitions attract people the most. You can organize a small contest for your audience too. 

You can organize a physical competition or an online contest, it depends on what kind of business you are. In the physical contest, people obviously will have to come to your store to participate. 

However, you can also organise an online contest on any social media platform. People will be able to participate in your contest online sitting in their homes and the participant will have to come to your store to receive the prize. Discount coupons or any free merchandise can make a great gift in your contest. 

  1. Ask For Suggestions And Feedback

No matter how much efforts you put in and how many methods you use, there will always be something missing or incomplete. And no one can tell you this except your customers or audience. So ask for feedback. 

Asking for feedback does not mean directly asking them. You can set up a suggestion box at your physical store. It will seem to be a kind gesture to anyone who visits you physically. 

This suggestion box will let you know what you are missing, what is being done greatly by you and what you need to improve. 

digital marketing strategies for small business

Source: Unsplash

Use these tips to boost the foot traffic of your business or brand. After all, your physical traffic needs to be excellent for the overall growth. 

When you will use both of these above mentioned offline and online methods to enhance your business growth, you will for sure get optimum results. Remember that gaining local traffic is the first step to gain global traffic. The more local attention your business will win, the more trust of the global audience will be in your favour. So include these local marketing ideas in your list now! 

Also, are you a business which needs professional assistance in its digital marketing strategies? Then stop right here because you have come to the right place. We here, at Keywits, are ready with all the digital and e-commerce solutions that your business needs. From social media marketing to SEO and to designing and editing of content, we have a professional team of experts for everything. Why wait then? Contact us and get our professional assistance in every aspect of your business‘ digital marketing!

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Is it necessary to do local marketing in both online and offline ways?

Marketing is a broad concept and is not limited to just online or offline methods. It is not necessary but important to do marketing in both online and offline ways to increase your local traffic. However, if you are not able to or not wanting to use both ways, it’s up to your choices and you can also choose any one of them. 

Are banners and posters beneficial to use in local area marketing?

Attractive banners and posters catch the attention of passing by people very quickly. So it is a great way to increase your local traffic. However, if you do not have the budget of such marketing, you can also go for a sidewalk sign or signage. These coke under budget and also catch people’s attention easily. 

How to effectively engage with your audience on social media? 

The more you engage with your audience, the more your audience will be likely to become your customer. For this, post relatable content and ask questions in your content. You can also organize contests online to engage your audience with your business. Moreover, reply to their comments on your posts and ask them for their feedback. 

Can Keywits help in both Local marketing and Digital marketing? 

At Keywits, they offer a wide range of services that your business requires to grow efficiently. They have expertise in planning and executing both local and digital marketing to grow your business locally and globally as well. With marketing strategies, they also have expertise in designing and editing visual content at the best quality. 

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