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How To Make Engaging Facebook Videos?

How To Make Engaging Facebook Videos?

Everyone today spends most of their time online, surfing through their feeds. We can’t deny the fact that Social Media has become a crucial part of our lives. From finding cooking recipes to shopping for apparels, social media has made it all easy for us. in this artical we cover how to make engaging facebook videos

However, social media itself comprises various massive platforms. These platforms can hugely help in connecting with customers and promoting a brand or business in the digital world. This process of promoting a business online is generally known as Social Media Optimization (SMO).

Several social networking sites are used to build up an online presence with the help of Social Media Marketing (SMM), whether you are a big brand or small local business, SMM can boost your reach in the digital world. The most used social networking site of all is Facebook. From your siblings to your uncles and aunties, you probably have everyone added to your friend list on Facebook, haven’t you? Used by almost every generation, Facebook has the power to connect a variety of audiences with brands and businesses. 

This strong tool can be utilized for digitizing your business, only when your business communicates with the audience strongly. No social networking platform is useful if communication is not strong enough. And when we talk about communicating online, what’s better than visuals? The best form of showing visuals is in the form of Videos. However, the videos that you create need to be strong enough to deliver your message. 

Many businesses have their own Facebook page where they post content on a regular basis. Although, they do not get as much attention from their targeted audience, why? Maybe because their content does not seem appealing to viewers. Many small details are to be kept in mind if a brand wishes to increase its reach through videos. Just making a random video and uploading it on Facebook will do no good to you. You need to keep these small details in mind while creating your video in order to make a huge difference.

Here are a few tips on how to make engaging facebook videos.


Caption your Videos


  1. Caption your Videos

If just a random video without any description comes up on your feed, would you watch it? Probably you would not because you don’t know what the video is about. Captions play a crucial role in attracting an audience to watch your video. When people come across your video, they should be able to know what your video is about and nothing can work better than a caption to do that. A good caption of around 300 words gives an idea of what the video is about, and develops the interest of viewers to watch it. Also, captions that are closely written to the content of your video may attract even the deaf community to your page. So next time you upload a video on your page, make sure to write an attractive caption with it!

  1. Vertical Videos for your Audience 

There was a time when Vertical videos were considered as a mistake, as a minus point. But with the rise of social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook, Vertical videos have found their way to success. When you are looking forward to Online Marketing of your brand, you should remember that your videos should always be mobile-centric, for most people surf online on their mobile phones. So, when you present visuals, they should be Vertical. Vertical videos have the power to catch the eyes of the viewers instantly. Also, these videos take up the whole screen which gives a great and impressive viewing experience to the viewer. Moreover, nobody would prefer to rotate their mobile phone in the middle of surfing online, just to watch a video. 

Length of your Videos


  1. Length of your Videos 

People don’t like to watch too long videos while surfing on the internet. Most of the people watch short videos, say a 5-minute video, till the end. A long video gives them boring vibes after some time. Keep in mind to make your videos of not more than 5 minutes. However, too short videos may also not work well for promoting a brand. A simple product or service can be communicated with a very short video. But when complex concepts of a brand are needed to be communicated, then a too-short video may not do the job. You at least need to make a 2-minute video. So, a great video length for Facebook can be between 2 to 5 minutes. There are many Social Media Marketing Agencies that can help you make videos of optimal length with engaging content.

  1. Get to the point 

Whatever length you decide for your videos, make sure you do not waste much time before getting to the point. Your videos need to be impressive enough to catch the attention of the viewer in the first three seconds itself. Entertaining content is necessary to develop a personal bond with the viewers, but too much off-the topic talk bores the viewer. So always remember, the content of your videos need to maintain a balance of entertainment and the main issue. Make wise to-the-point videos with a hint of entertainment, and you will see that your engagement with the audience on Facebook will probably accelerate.

There were a few tips on How To Make Engaging Facebook Videos. These tricks, if followed in the right way, would expand your range online. As it is said, small things make a big difference; these small things will bring a huge difference in your engagement with the audience. 

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