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Grow Your Instagram Account Like A Pro In 2021!

Grow Your Instagram Account Like A Pro In 2021!


The most used social media platform of 2020 is undoubtedly Instagram, both in terms of the density of people and the time. When almost everyone spends so much of their time on Instagram, it is obvious of businesses and brands making their name on this platform. So, with these interesting tips and tricks, we have got for you, the most effective ways to grow your Instagram account like a pro in 2021

We all are aware of the fact that every other business is trying to build its online presence with Instagram, be it a local small business or a big brand. Also, why wouldn’t they? Along with online shopping sites, people are slowly getting inclined towards the Instagram market too. Although, there is a huge difference in being on Instagram and making a name on Instagram. Most businesses have just made up their pages on Instagram but there are no signs of growth. People who couldn’t establish themselves on Instagram usually try to deal with the question, “how to grow up your Instagram account?”.

For those businesses which are looking for ways in which they can take the benefits of Instagram, you are at the right place. Here, you are about to find some interesting tips on how to grow your Instagram account! 

How to Grow Your Instagram Account in 2021? 

So you have made a page of your business on Instagram. Now, What’s next? Can you treat it just like a normal account? Obviously No! 

When you make a business page on Instagram, you also need to treat it that way. There are many many small things that can affect your growth and reach on Instagram without even you noticing it. Maintenance of your business account on Instagram is necessary. So here are some really fascinating tips on how you can grow your Instagram account! 

  • Creative Content- Okay, so you have an Instagram account, you also have the required details of your business, yet you are not observing any growth on Instagram? Maybe it’s because of your content. Yes! If your content seems to be boring and useless, no one would want to see it and eventually, even your followers on Instagram would decrease. Posting creative content is very crucial. Your content should be optimistic and eye-catching. Use more visuals and less of texts if you post graphics or designs. Post pictures with great captions. One should feel like reading your whole caption when they come across your posts. If you post nice content, only then will people be urged to follow you. They will also like and comment on your posts. 
  • Try New Content Creation- Do not limit your creativity only till captions of your main posts. Instead, try playing with all types of posts that the platform offers you to create. Stories, IGTV stories, reels, all these can be used to create engaging content. Try to post photos and videos through all these mediums of posting.

 The platform also offers to keep your 24-hour stories visible for as long as you want in the form of highlights. You can post stories about your upcoming new products or services and preserve as highlights so that your followers can see it whenever they want. Also, posting content only to promote your business is not necessary. You can also post content related to the work that your business does. This does not mean you tell them what you do, but share engaging stories with your audience. Stories can be of your customers or of some big moments related to your business. Try to connect with your audience on an emotional level by sharing real-life stories and incidents. This way, your audience will never get bored of you and will always come back to get more content. 

  • Regulate your Content Posting- Posting creative content just randomly, once in a while will not work in expanding your reach. If you do not post on a regular basis, your followers will unfollow you. So, try posting regular content. This does not mean that you need to post something 7days in a week. But try to post at least 3-4 days a week. You can decide on which days you want your post to go on the page, or you can randomly post in the week, it is all your choice. 
  • Engage and Encourage- Just you posting content about your brand may bore your audience after a while. After all, communication can never be done one-way, it needs to be held from both the ends. So start communicating with your audience. Engage your audience with yourself by organizing question-answer sessions. Post stories asking for feedback and some questions. 

Instagram offers tools like ‘question poll’, ‘quiz’ and many more to make it easy for one to communicate with his audience. So go ahead and use those tools for your growth. Use trending stickers in your story posts. You can also organize small contests for your audience. This way your audience will gradually start loving your profile. 

Moreover, Encourage your audience for creating content with you. You can create your own brand hashtag and encourage your followers to use it while they post content related to you. Ask your audience to post photos, videos and gifs with your products or while mentioning your services. 

When you engage your audience in your content and encourage them to post content with you, they start developing a personal bond with you. This will gradually benefit you in the long run as your audience will trust your authenticity and morals. Also, your existing audience may give you more followers due to your great engagement skills. 

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  • Use the Right Hashtags- Firstly, if you are still not using hashtags in your posts then do start using them. If you really wish to grow your Instagram in 2021, you need to use hashtags. Now! Hashtags can bring you major traffic of likes and comments and followers. Plus, using the right hashtags in your content can also bring you some authentic customers. 

For this, you need to research and find the best and popular hashtags to use in your Instagram. Keep in mind that you use only the hashtags that are related to your business.

However, following only these tips and relying on them for growth is not advisable. There are many other things that you can do for your business growth. Business collaboration with influencers has been a hot trend in 2020 and would for sure continue to be the same. So, you can head on to some influencer marketing. Collab with active people who have great engagement rates on Instagram. Go for paid advertising on Instagram. The platform offers paid advertising in which you can target your audience group and get shown in their feeds in form of sponsored stories and posts. 

People often have queries regarding their growth of followers too. Some constantly have this question in their minds- “can you buy Instagram followers?”. While some come up with schemes like “get 100 followers on Instagram in one day” or “get 1000 Instagram followers in a month”. Some schemes are spam and some may really work. But these bought followers will only be temporary. For real growth, you will need a real genuine audience to communicate with. However, there is still a question that people have in their minds and that is- 

Can one get Free Instagram followers and likes?

Well, of course, you can get free Instagram followers and likes. If you post creative content on a regular basis, followers and likes will rain on your page for free. Try to maintain a good relationship with your followers, communicate with them through attractive content. Make them feel like you are talking to them individually. Some small efforts from your side can surely bring a great improvement in your reach on Instagram. 

These were some interesting small tips that can help you grow your Instagram in 2021. Although for the growth of your business, you also need to post genuine and authentic content. Also, a small factor that can show your authenticity is your username on the platform. Many people feel like there is some whole other guide for the ‘best Instagram names to get followers’! If their name will belong to that guide, they will get more followers. However, there’s nothing like that at all. Your username has to be decided by you. Try making a username that suits your business and sounds real. All these interesting tricks, if followed the right way, can really help your business grow on Instagram! 

Are you looking for a way to grow your Instagram account like a pro in 2021? Well, your search is over here! We, here at Keywits, have expertise in digital media marketing and advertising. With a team of experienced professional experts at Keywits, you can grow up your Instagram account and give wings to your business growth! 

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What services can Keywits offer in Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a vast concept and requires many tasks to be done. At Keywits, they have expertise in all the elements of the social media marketing that a business needs. From creating well planned attractive content to designing and editing of visuals for your social media pages, you can get the assistance of Keywits for all your digital marketing strategies.

Does Keywits offer only digital marketing related services? 

At Keywits, they have professional experts to fulfil every need of your business in the process of virtualization. You will find a wide range of services like Web designing and development, strategy planning, digital marketing, social media marketing, and many more that can help your business in making an online presence. Other than marketing and advertising services, they also have a team which specialises in every kind of photography.

How can I get details of the services that Keywits offers and book them? 

The range of services that Keywits offers to both local and global business is vast. You can get in contact with them through their website. You can also check their pages on Instagram and Facebook. You can know about the details of their services by messaging them on social media sites or even by mailing them.

Can I get the visuals for my business’ social media account done with Keywits?

Definitely yes! At Keywits, they offer the best of visuals for the promotion of businesses, be it static images or explainer videos, they offer everything with complete professionalism. Along with these, they also offer professional e-commerce and advertising photography for your business. Moreover, they have a professional team of designing and editing for all visuals and photographs, to give you the best-finished results.

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