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Grow Your Business On Amazon With These Hacks!

Grow Your Business On Amazon With These Hacks!

Grow Your Business On Amazon With These HACKS


Today is the era of online shopping. Almost everything can be bought from online sites that have set their name in the good books. One of the most renowned sites is Amazon, the site which is suitable for every kind of business. When digitizing your brand, you don’t want to miss the chance of getting on Amazon. So here we have got you covered on how you can grow your business on Amazon with these hacks.

When you think of digitizing yourself, making a presence on online platforms is the first step. You can make your website, your social media pages, accounts and much more. Although, have you ever thought about where your customers first go when they think of shopping? 


Amazon E commerce Growth Hacks By keywits

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Customers prefer online sites, online platforms which can offer them everything they are looking for. Also, when you are searching for a product online, where do you surf? You probably head to big online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra. You head on to these sites because they are trustable. You know that products from these sites would be genuine. So, selling your products on such sites is definitely profitable. Hence, with a presence on other online platforms, you also need to make your presence on online shopping sites. And no other shopping platform is better than Amazon to start with! 


Responsive Website

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Now that you have presented your brand on Amazon, is it enough? Obviously not! Just putting up your brand’s visuals and waiting for the customer to place an order for your product is no good. What can you do then? Do not panic, we have got you covered on all of it. 

  1. Optimize your product listing

After you have made your presence on Amazon by putting up your products, you also need to regularly optimize your products. If you have your website or if you are aware of the working of Google, then you must be knowing how Google decides to show content in its search results. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is used to improve rankings in the search results page of Google. 

A lot of things are done in SEO to optimize content, but the most important of all is using keywords. This similar mantra is used when one wants to optimize his Amazon product listings. Keywords that are most searched by the audience are used in the content of websites to improve their ranking on Google’s search results page. Similarly, there are some keywords that the customers use when they want a product. When a keyword is typed, Amazon shows the most relevant products with those keywords in the list. 


SEO For Amazon Listing

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You should try to use the most appropriate keywords in your product title and description. This will increase the chances of your product showing up when one searches for it. You can use various tools to find out keywords that would be most relevant to your product. Use these keywords in your title as well as in the product description. However, use keywords in such a way that they do not destroy your product’s informative clarity. The product’s description should still be genuine and authentic while using keywords. 

  1. Watch on your competitors 

Amazon is such a huge online shopping site that you are surely not the only one selling a particular product on it. Similar to the offline markets, you must be having competitors online too. This is the reason competitor listings are a great way to boost the chances of your product being bought. 

Check on your competitor’s products on a regular basis. It will provide you with many ideas that can be applied to boost your reach online. You may find some new keywords in your competitor’s product information. You can also use the reviews of their products for your benefit. If their product has some negative reviews, you can use that negative comment in your product’s description. You can describe your product in an assuring way that it won’t give the bad experience that the customer had with the competitor’s product. 

Source: Pexels

You just need to creatively tell your customer that your products are better than your competitor’s. However, do not claim false statements about your product, stay honest with your customers.  

  1. Make your way to the Buy Box 

The Buy box of Amazon is something every seller desires. It can play a crucial role in increasing your sales on Amazon. 

Firstly, what is a Buy box? It is simply the box that appears on a product detail page when a customer adds an item to his shopping basket. This is the place where a customer starts his purchase process. It shows the product’s cost, shipping cost, options If selecting the quantity and most importantly, the “Add to cart” button. When scrolled below in the buy box, one may see the same product offered by many other sellers. Although, the buy box can have only one product and there are factors that determine which product should be displayed on it. 

From your pricing to your shipping time, everything is analyzed by Amazon’s algorithm. To win the Buy box, always keep your products updated. Maintain strong inventory levels, offer competitive pricing for your product and try to collect and display positive feedbacks of your customers. 


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  1. Proper classification

If your products are not classified properly, it will affect your rankings and your ranking will eventually affect your sales. So, it is crucial to classify your products suitably. 

Amazon uses numerous categories to classify its products. You just need to find the right category in which your product will fit perfectly. Also, keep checking on your classifications. Moreover, do not ever settle with a classification least related to your product. Inappropriate classification of your product will not display you to your desired customers, only the most related classification will. Many tools can be used to help you choose your classification of the product. You can also take the assistance of companies that offer E-commerce solutions. 


Amazon Listing Growth by Keywits

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  1. Update your visuals 

When people shop online, they do not get many options of knowing about their desired product. People get attracted to the presented visuals of the product and their decision of buying a product is also greatly influenced by visuals. So if the pictures of your products are not great, no one may check it out. 

For people to click on your product in the search results page, you need great photographs of your product. Upload pictures of your product from every possible angle. Even virtually, but people should be able to see your product in every way possible.

Source: Freepik

Moreover, it is not necessary to limit your visuals only to photographs. You can also use videos to show your products. Short videos showing your real products genuinely would work great in increasing sales. Many e-commerce development companies offer product photography and videography at great rates where you can get your desired product visuals done. 

These tips and tricks, if followed accurately, would for sure give you the best results possible. However, there are many other things that you should do to improve your sales online. Only showcase genuine products with competitive pricing. Also, showcase your products while following the terms of service and rules of Amazon. People are inclined so much towards online shopping that no matter what your business is, you will definitely go up. Whether big or small, global or local, Amazon works great for all types of businesses.

Amazon listing optimizing

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Also, are you wondering about how to grow your business on Amazon with these hacks with perfection? Worry no more, you are in the right place. We, at Keywits, can offer you with all the assistance that you need in the digitization of your business. From E-commerce website development to create the best of visuals, you can leave everything on us. Contact us right away to get the assistance of professionals with the best offers.



What kinds of services do Keywits offer? 

Keywits offers a wide range of services to assist in the digitization of your business. From Digital marketing to Web design and development and a wide range of E-commerce solutions, you can contact Keywits for all your needs.

Does Keywits offer Product Photography? 

Yes! You can go to their website and find a vast range of photography that they offer. They have expertise in E-commerce and advertisement photography. They also offer Product photography and 360 product modelling. Along with photography, they also offer production of explainer videos with complete professionalism

What services will I get from Keywits if I want to get digital marketing done?

Keywits can be your one-stop destination for all your needs in digital marketing. They have expertise in Social media marketing and Search engine optimization. They also offer great Paid advertising strategies to help your business grow. They offer strategies like Email Marketing, Pay-per-click marketing, influencer marketing and affiliate marketing with the best rates in the market. All these services are provided by professionals at Keywits.

Can Keywits help me in digitizing my business from the basics? 

If you are thinking about digitizing your business or brand, Keywits will provide you with assistance in everything that you want, under one roof. From web design and development to social media marketing, Keywits can have you covered on all of it. Along with digital marketing and e-commerce solutions, they also have expertise in e-commerce and product photography. You can contact them through their website and book them with the best rates possible.

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