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Explainer Videos To Connect With Your Audience in 2021

Explainer Videos To Connect With Your Audience in 2021


The times have gone when people visited physical stores for everything they needed. Now is the era of Covid-19, the era of social distancing. However, social distancing is crucial for humans, not for those cute little cartoons that we see on every trending website. Why not have its benefits for your brand too and use Explainer videos to connect with your audience! 

Digitalization has become a necessity for every business now, be it small or big, fresh or old. Digitalization is a great way to enhance your reach at a global level as well as in the local market. The very first step to digitise a brand is to make its social presence. Now, there are many ways to make a digital presence of your business. You can use social media sites and various applications to do so. But the very basic yet the best way to create an online presence is to make a website. 

Every business has its own website. However, not all of them get as much attention from their audience. The aim here is to find the reason behind this lack of attention. Is it because their service or product is not good enough? Probably the answer is no because every business is unique in its own way. The problem is in its content and communication. 

When we talk about communicating, there are a lot of ways to do it online. But the easiest way is through visual mediums and in visuals, Explainer Videos work the best. Firstly, you need to know what exactly are Explainer videos? These are basically videos in which those cute animated characters communicate about your service or product. These are short videos that explain the viewer about your business and why they should be caring about it. As people these days don’t want to invest their time in reading long paragraphs to get any kind of information, explainer videos can be a great way to attract people’s attention. These videos can help you provide a much better understanding of your audience about your business, as compared to the written content on the sites. 

Now, there are many types of Explainer videos made according to the product or service. These Explainer videos also depend on the type of platform you are using to display. Along with websites, brands also use social media to increase awareness about their product in the market. Choosing among the types of Explainer videos may seem a bit confusing. So here is a guide for you to choose the best type for the growth of your business. 

2D Character Animation 

These videos are created in a 2-dimensional space. The characters, storyboards, background are all sequenced together to create illusions. As many as 24 frames can be made to create a second of illusion, depending on the type of animation. The mainstream 2D animation techniques have evolved from hand-drawn characters using paper and pencil to the implementation of digital techniques.

2-D Animated Explainer Videos work best for simple products or services. Also, It involves a minimal investment of time and money, making it perfect for small businesses.  

2D Infographics Animation 

Infographic Animations are the same as 2D character animations, except that these videos do not involve animated characters. It involves motion graphics like texts and images with great visual effects. Engaging visuals such as images, charts and graphs are used in this animation to deliver a message clearly and quickly to the audience. The basic principles of design can be used for supporting the information that is to be delivered. 

These videos can be used when you need to explain in-depth about your product or service. If you have a complex product or service which cannot be explained by just a character’s face, an infographic will be perfect for you. 

Source – Pinterest 

2.5-D Animation 

Want to make a 3D effect video but don’t have its budget? 2.5D Animation is at your service! This animation works with 2D characters and 3D objects together on a single platform. Tools like shadowing, layering, morphing and perspective adjustments are used to create a 2.5 D or Two-and-a-half dimensional animation. 2.5D animation can be implied on static images as well as on the set of images that are needed to be sequence into an animation. This animation takes less time to be created and also gives a look that is similar to a 3D animation. 

Also, these videos are often budget-friendly and give a more humanely touch to the audience while with fewer efforts. 

Source- Youtube – Stellar Videos 

Software for 2D Animations: 

There are many softwares that professionals use for 2D animations. Most of the time, the same software is used for 2D character and infographics animations and 2.5D animations, as all these work similarly. The most used are Adobe Animate, Toon Boom Harmony and CrazyTalk Animator. These softwares provide great services at affordable rates. You can use any of them for your animations. 

Also, even if you are not planning to invest in professional software, there are many free software available too. Synfig and Pencil2D are some of the free software that you can go for. Synfig allows for both front end and back end design. On the other hand, Pencil2D is great even for someone who is doing animation for the first time. Both these platforms can work wonders if you are looking for free yet amazing animation software. 

Whiteboard Animation

As the name says, all the animation is done on a whiteboard. These are basically the videos that draw themselves. Images and drawings are slowly unfolded in front of the audience and are sequenced with voiceover on a whiteboard. This animation uses stop-motion or time-lapse effects to create required visuals. As these videos are easy to produce and can deliver complex messages easily, they are very popular among small businesses. Also, these videos are so flexible in nature that these can be made to deliver any kind of message. Many softwares help in making such videos. Also, many design companies specialize in making such videos. 

If you are planning to make whiteboard animation videos for your business professionally, Adobe Animate CC and Videoscribe are some of the best software recommended. Adobe Animate CC offers a free trial version of itself. While Videoscribe has a great user interface and is known for its ease of use. 

Moreover, if you do not need professional software, you can also go for Animaker and Powtoon. Both these whiteboard video makers allow to make 2 minutes and 3 minutes video in their versions and this is their only drawback. However, if you are someone who is a beginner, then these softwares are best for you. 

Source: Youtube – Ydraw

Live-Action Explainer Videos 

These videos use real humans to communicate with the audience. Real humans are shown performing tasks or using products with a voiceover in the background. No animated characters or motion graphics are used in such videos. As these videos have real humans, a real and quick connection with the viewer can be easily established. When you wish to make a long-term video for a product or service, or maybe an introduction video for your brand, live-action videos are the best option. 

These videos are super easy to make and no huge money investment is required. This is the reason for its popularity. 

Now, there are many software that are used in making these videos. Adobe Premiere Pro, Camtasia and Soapbox are some of the most used by professionals. These softwares offer a lot more than basic editing. On one hand, Camtasia provides royalty-free music to add in your videos, Soapbox offers to quickly record, edit and share videos. While Adobe Premiere Pro offers great motion graphics and sound design to its users. Any of this software can be used for making a perfect live-action explainer video. 

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Source: Youtube – Dollar Shave Club

Moreover, if you are a newbie in this field and want to start with basics, then there are a few free software for you too. One such software that is most used by beginners is OneShot. This software has an easy-to-use user interface and hence works great for simple editing requirements. Once you get your hands on this simple software, you can go forward to experience the free trials of soapbox and Adobe premiere pro. 

Screencast Explainer Videos 

When working on applications and softwares is shown in the form of screen recordings in a video, it is called screencast explainer video. In these videos, tasks are performed on a digital screen and that screen is recorded and presented. As it involves the live recording of a digital screen, it is also known as video screen capture. These videos work best when you need to show the digital working of a service or product. Things like working on apps and demonstration of software can be easily done with a screencast video. One can also use screencast videos for customer support services. Also, these videos are easy to make and cost-effective due to which they are preferred more often for substantial uses.

For those who are planning to use professional software for a screencast video, Camtasia is for you. Camtasia offers many things that can help you make your video the best. Other than Camtasia, you can also go for Expression Encoder 4, Jing or Screencast-O-Matic. You can use their free trial versions for short videos. However, for longer videos, you will have to upgrade to their pro versions. 

Another free screencast software is AceThinker. It allows you to capture both the whole screen or just a part of the screen. It also allows audio and video editing from your webcam itself, making it easy to use and great for small works.

Kinetic Typography Videos

Kinetic Typography can be simply called ‘moving words’. These videos play with texts and words to deliver the required message to the audience. Attractive fonts, engaging scripts and bright colours make these videos appealing to the viewer. Honestly, words can be played very creatively to create as many interesting visuals for the viewer. A voice-over can help your audience understand your message more easily. Or, you can also add music in your visuals to give your viewers a better experience. When a simple yet engaging video is required to be made for communication, Kinetic Typography works best. 

Source : Youtube – PixelValet

The best software for this animation is Filmora. This software allows you to animate texts in 2D as well as 3D and is known for its user-friendly aspect. It also offers a free trial download and when you pay, it offers a subscription model. On paying a little more, it also offers a permanent license. This software is great for professional and long-term use. 

However, if you are looking for something as a beginner, you can go for Biteable. It offers amazing readymade templates to work with. It allows you to work for free with its basic features for as long as you want. When you want more of it, you will have to go for a premium which is paid. Another great software to get your hands on for free is Powtoon. 

All these types of videos have proven to be the best for small and local businesses. Whichever kind of video you choose for your brand or business, you just need to have your goal or aim decided. The message that you want your audience to get, the ultimate aim of your video has to be pre-decided. Depending on the aim of the video and the type of your product or service, you would be able to choose the kind of explainer video with ease. Moreover, all these videos will fit into your budget and also will give you good results. 

Moreover, Want to get Explainer videos to connect with your audience? Do not worry, here we are, at your service. Keywits Creative Technologies specialize in the production of Animated Explainer Videos, be it of any kind or type. Contact us right away to get the best Explainer videos for your brand with the best offers. 

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Does keywits have expertise in all kinds of Explainer Videos? 

At Keywits, you will find a range of services that would enhance your business’ growth. They specialise in designing and editing visuals including Explainer videos. From 2D animations to live-action videos, you can get any kind of explainer video done for your business.

Can Keywits help me with designing animations in visuals? 

Keywits offers a vast range of services that can boost your business’ growth. Their services include designing and editing all kinds of visuals. They have expertise in various types of animations, be it static visuals or moving characters.

Does Keywits offer all types of content creation? 

Keywits offers all e-commerce solutions that a business would need, including content development. They specialise the skills of creating engaging content for every platform of advertising and marketing. From eye-catching visuals to attractive designs, Keywits can assist you for all your requirements.

Can I get Keywits’ assistance for my advertising campaign at a low budget?

At Keywits, they understand the needs and requirements of their clients and wish to provide them with the best of services. Your advertising campaign will be done right with complete professionalism with the team of Keywits. You can contact them directly on WhatsApp through their website and get their assistance with the best rates in the market.

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