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About Keywits

Every time you need a service in the digital domain, it becomes a very tedious task to get things done in time. Moreover, it is very difficult to find all the services at once. In the end, you either compromise or pay in excess. We recognised this plight of every big and small brand and cured it with Keywits Creative Technologies. Our main focus at Keywits is to be a one-stop destination for all your business needs. We provide you with all the services including Digital Marketing, Camerawork, Web Development, and Design, E-commerce Website and listing management, Technical Creatives, Branding, and much more.

Ready to build your brand? Our team of experts is waiting for you!

Mission & Vision!

We are a team of witty people, ready to become a key asset to take your brand from budding to blooming. We aim at providing you hassle-free services at it’s best all at a single place -THE KEYWITS PREMISES

Say Hello to New Ideas

Our experts always make sure to offer services that make you shine bright in the crowd. We experiment with new ideas and strategies all the time.

Quality over Quantity

We are firm believers of quality over quantity. Everything that is delivered to you is a product of hours of brain-storming and a number of quality checks.

Customer First

We put in extra effort to understand exactly what you are looking for. We are always there for you to make sure of the same.

Result Oriented Team

Our team of passionate professionals understand your needs and work accordingly to get effective results.


From the Founder’s Desk

Akshit Garg has been professionally pursuing camerawork for the last six years. It wouldn’t be wrong to call him ‘A Camera Baby’ as he started his photography journey at a very young age. By the time he was 15, he had already stepped into the world of commercial photography. The journey which started as an interest in photography has now transformed into a thriving brand.

In all the years of his career in the corporate world, there were a few things that Akshit noticed were totally out of order. There was a major lack of communication between the clients and the service providers, no service provider had all the services, and running behind different agencies for various services only made the conditions worse and impossible to manage. That’s how he came up with the idea of Keywits Creative Technologies so that his clients could get all the services under one roof.

He strongly believes that the sky is the limit and if you try hard enough you can rise even higher. With the same ideology in his heart, Akshit sees Keywits as one of the leading brands of the digital world in the upcoming years.

To know more about Akshit & check his portfolio please visit akshitphotography.com

Our Team!

Akshit Garg 2
Akshit Garg
Founder Director
Ajay Garg
Ajay Garg
Managing Director
Saksham Kataria
Saksham Kataria
Manager Operations
Abbas Salim
Abbas Salim
Musheer Khan
Musheer Khan
Graphic Designer
Anshika Chourishi
Anshika Chourishi
Content Strategist
Zayn Khan
Zayn Khan
Social Media Manager